About us

ISCRA e-commerce Inc. ​provides full support for enterprises of all sizes through advisory services and practical collaboration in different countries. We do work with entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises as well as with true leaders of manufacturing industries.

We are doers, business development practitioners. We stay focus, act quickly, efficiently, systematically and purposefully. We do not waste money and time of our customers unlike some fancy, noisy, verbose consultants, whose main advantage is idle chatter.


The best evidence of the high quality of our work is repetitive orders, dedication, and feedback from our customers from all over the world.


As professionals, we respectfully and honestly treat our customers and expect a similar attitude towards us and our work. We consider it fair and require payments for our professional time and efforts. Sometimes, at a certain stage of a project, some part can be performed in a demo mode (as a sample) free of charge. The quantity and acceptability of such demo works are determined exclusively by ISCRA, based on its discretion. In this case, customers are notified in advance.

Our mission is to unite entrepreneurs of all countries. We facilitate the establishment of contacts and partnerships between enterprises across the globe without bias, prejudice and other ideological, mental, cultural barriers and obstacles of all kinds. We are developing projects of small business on a global scale.


Below are maps that help you better understand why Eurasia is becoming more and more important on Earth.

New Silk Road from Europe to China via Russia and Kazakhstan

New Silk Road connects Europe and China through Russia and Central Asia

Eurasian Economic Union

Eurasian Economic Union