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We provide information and advice to companies from Canada, USA, Europe and other regions on doing business with Eurasia and North America.

Our company ISCRA e-commerce Inc. offers you all the necessary tools for expanding overseas markets. Thanks to a reliable business infrastructure of the company (points of personal presence in different countries), dozens of trusted partners, a network of business contacts and connections, your business will be surrounded by all the necessary care. We are ready to professionally support all your business initiatives.

For a very reasonable monthly retention fee (packages from $300 to $ 3000 per month) you get sales and marketing specialists with everything you need to successfully penetrate overseas markets (from knowing the local language and mentality to technical attributes for conducting local negotiations, correspondence, and financial transactions.

This section presents the projects that ISCRA is currently working on.

OVERGROWER, an automated hydroponics system

OVER GROWER®.  ISCRA represents the OverGrower automated hydroponic system for the customers in North America. ISCRA is a distributor of the system in Canada. Our company develops a network of business partners, primarily in Canada and the USA. “OVER GROWER®” - is a fully automated hydroponics system for the remote plant cultivation. It is not just a mixing unit; It is a whole system of eight sensors, which creates ideal conditions.

Benefits of OverGrower implementation into your city farm business


CONTROLS THE PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED  SYSTEM: OverGrower is installed into an already existed hydroponic system with a connected nutrient solution and light.

OVER GROWER® FOR HOME AND MORE: Designed for plant cultivation in a scalable quantity from 1 to 660 tomato bushes.

ABLE TO CULTIVATE ANY PLANTS: The device is aimed at cultivating only one type of plant, one growing area, and one growth stage.

CREATES AN IDEAL MICROCLIMATE: There are no special requirements for premises in which to cultivate plants.

CONNECTS TO THE INTERNET: Connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable. Control interface has high-scale security.

GRAPH OF VARIANCE AVAILABLE: All information on the plant cultivation for the entire period of growth is carefully stored in the device's memory.

PROFILE OF GROWING PLANTS: All parameters are preset for the entire life cycle of a plant from seed to harvest.

AUTOMATIC SOLUTION UNIT: Monitoring and correction of indicators: PH acid level and amount of TDS fertilizers. Components’ mix by pumps.

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M.A.C. - Maxim Altantsev Consultant



Providing advisory and practical support for companies from different countries on entering the market of the Eurasian Economic Union. Assistance in the implementation of projects in Russia and Kazakhstan.





The development of B2B e-commerce in Canada and the United States.