Our Services

We are happy to help business people and companies in the following areas:

  • Building a two-way, reliable "bridge" for business people from Quebec, the rest of Canada, the United States in order to ease entering to the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan and surrounding regions of Central Asia and Western China.

  • Creation of a favorable climate and infrastructure to enable opportunities for North American industrial, manufacturing and engineering enterprises to find business partners and profitable projects in communities and countries where the Russian language is a means of communication for business people.

  • Guiding of investors and entrepreneurs from the United States and Canada to the new opportunities in business projects in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Russia. Information support of such seekers.


Services of ISCRA e-commerce Inc. will help to grow your business abroad

Arctic transport corridors
Remote business development services



  • Market research, market intelligence, and analysis of industrial sectors and niches.

  • Business development, supply chain setting, market and channels development, sales assistance.

  • Assistance in registration of business legal entities, remote representative offices, and branches in Kazakhstan and Russia.

  • Representation of business interests of clients in Canada, USA, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

  • Project consulting, feasibility studies, business plans preparations, project management.

  • Logistics and transport support projects (including paperwork and other specialties of each project).

  • Arrangement of business missions, trips, meetings, negotiations and special networking events for the development of relations between businesspeople from Canada, USA, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

Launch, maintain, develop and expand your business in Kazakhstan



We will help you to launch your business project in Kazakhstan (Almaty). This country is well located strategically, close to the markets of stable, steady growth: China, India, Russia and other regions of Eurasia.

Decisive factors for you to choose Almaty as your foothold:

  • European culture and values are well accepted by the population. English is known and popular among many business people of the young generation.

  • Wide access to the human resources of high qualifications and loyal toward foreign investors, businesses, and employers.

  • Well-maintained stability and security.

  • Developed road infrastructure, access to electrical power, water, telecommunications, and the Internet.

  • Very moderate cost of doing business.

  • From your office in Almaty, it is convenient to monitor and manage all your business projects in China, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Iran, Turkey and other regions of Central Asia.

  • No visa required for Americans and Canadians to visit Kazakhstan for a trip up to 30-days long.

Opening of a representative office or local company in Eurasia combined with a trip to the region

We recommend particularly two very special cities:

1) In Kazakhstan, it is the city of Almaty. You can find out more by referring to other materials of the site.


2) In Russia, the city of Obninsk (100 km south of Moscow) of the Kaluga Region.

​The city of Obninsk is the first science-town of Russia. It is located on the Central Russian Upland, on the Protva River (a tributary of the Oka), 25 kilometers south-west of the border of New Moscow along the Kaluzhsky highway A130, 38 kilometers of the Kiev highway M3, 80 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, 68 km north-east of Kaluga. We call the Obninsk population the smartest on Earth. The city has a high scientific and technical, innovative potential and the best personnel able to solve any business problem.

As a result of our research and analysis, we identified these two cities as the most promising, efficient, and convenient for launching business projects in Kazakhstan and Russia, respectively.

A rough estimate of the cost of a one-month business trip to Kazakhstan or Russia for the purpose of familiarization, meeting with partners, establishing and registering a local company in Almaty or Obninsk.


Budget estimation $ 10,000 - $ 12,000


  • Meet and greet in Moscow or Almaty airport.

  • Accommodation 20 - 23 nights in local business style hotels in Obninsk or Almaty.

  • Local ground transportation upon request.

  • Familiarization and immersion in the business environment of Russia or Kazakhstan, culture and traditions.

  • Registration of a local limited liability company TOO / OOO / LLP.

Not included: Flights to/from Almaty or Moscow. Visa to Russia, visa support and preparation.

Engineering outsourcing



Outsourcing of engineering, IT development and other technical works:


Contract development of electronic control units for electric motors

  • development of electrical circuits;

  • design of printed circuit boards and control panels with indicators;

  • development of the testing software and debugging of a periphery;

  • manufacturing of prototypes.

Development of service software

  • development and maintenance of the required communications protocols;

  • creating a programming environment, the software for motor and motion control;

  • software development for remote automated controlling applications.

Technology consulting

The consulting in the field of development of electronic control units for electrical motors and following the implementation of a technology process steps, as well as developing embedded and servicing software.